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Welcome to my personal blog. I am Alan Chatfield, Marketing Operations Strategist at CRMT Digital.

I write about marketing technology and B2B marketing, with a focus on how marketers can make the most effective use of their martech stack.

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Artificial Errors: Why AI Gets It Wrong?

It's OK for AI to get it wrong occasionally. As Artificial Intelligence enters the mainstream, we must accept that the computer isn't always right.

Marketing Operations

Maximise your marketing efficiency and optimise your tech stack

Out of the Bottle: Salesforce Genie

Dreamforce introduces a major upgrade to Salesforce Customer 360. What is Genie, and how important is it to the future of Salesforce?

Beyond Measurement: The Value of Business Intelligence

Is your business struggling to report on marketing performance? Using the right analytics solution is key to getting accurate campaign results.

The Data Story: Reporting for B2B Marketers

There is more to marketing reporting than viewing dashboards. Asking the right questions is just as important as showing the right numbers.

CDP Takes Centre Stage at Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit unveils new integration and measurement capabilities that enable better personalisation and a more data-driven approach to B2B marketing.

Demand Marketing

Learn, optimise and engage using modern marketing techniques

2023 Marketing Predictions

2023 promises to be an uncertain year for B2B marketing. A difficult economy and strong regulatory headwinds requires a more complex marketing mix.

Moving Nurture Beyond Email

There is more to nurture than email. Increase engagement by building a cross-channel marketing engine that runs on the schedule of your audience.

Planning the Personalised Journey

B2B marketing has changed. The business is demanding more from marketing, just as buyers have become harder to reach. A more coordinated approach is needed.

Live Chat Enters the B2B Marketing Conversation

Live chat has become an essential part of the B2B marketing mix. It's become more than just a tool for lead capture and customer service.

Marketing Technology

News and tips from an expert in marketing automation

Marketo Engage August '22 Release Overview

The introduction of Captcha on Marketo forms is the most notable feature in a release full of small tweaks and UI changes.

Marketo June 22 Release Overview

Marketo Engage gains a set of important new integration capabilities this month, while email tracking and form validation also get upgrades.

Pardot Summer '22 Release Overview

Conditional completion actions and better deliverability reporting are the highlights of a useful release for the app formally known as Pardot.

Eloqua 22B Release Overview

This quarter's Eloqua release introduces a new reporting metric, additional SMS capabilities and some important governance features for admins.

Digital Transformation

Commentary on enterprise technology and it's impact on business

Artificial Errors: Why AI Gets It Wrong?

It's OK for AI to get it wrong occasionally. As Artificial Intelligence enters the mainstream, we must accept that the computer isn't always right.

Security vs Functionality: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is integral to many business processes. However, recent attempts to tighten up some of its security loopholes caused a backlash.

End of the Platform Era?

New legislation on both sides of the Atlantic threatens to upend the business models of big tech. How far-reaching will the consequences be?

The Rise of Microsoft Teams

During the pandemic, Microsoft's communication app evolved from a widely loathed niche to become a corporate standard alongside Zoom. Why?