Digital Transformation

Commentary on enterprise technology and it's impact on marketers

The Rise of Passkeys

The death of passwords is nigh. Passkeys are the future of authentication. Do they solve the problem of bad passwords, and will users adopt them?

Big Operations and The Automation Myth

Sprawling tech stacks mean that business departments now own more applications than IT. Do business teams have the skills required to manage their apps?

Next-Gen Automation: How AI will Impact Business

Generative AI has the potential to improve productivity and reshape business. In doing so, it will create many winners and result in a few losers.

CoPilot: Generative AI meets Windows

As Microsoft prepare to embed Generative AI into both Office and Windows, just how important is this capability and will people pay for it?

Why Everything is Nothing for Apps

For years, big tech firms have tried to create an everything app. There are good reasons why a US version of WeChat is forever doomed to fail.

Artificial Errors: Why AI Gets It Wrong?

It's OK for AI to get it wrong occasionally. As Artificial Intelligence enters the mainstream, we must accept that the computer isn't always right.

Security vs Functionality: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is integral to many business processes. However, recent attempts to tighten up some of its security loopholes caused a backlash.

End of the Platform Era?

New legislation on both sides of the Atlantic threatens to upend the business models of big tech. How far-reaching will the consequences be?

The Rise of Microsoft Teams

During the pandemic, Microsoft's communication app evolved from a widely loathed niche to become a corporate standard alongside Zoom. Why?

Is Hybrid Working Really the Future?

It's widely believed that hybrid workplaces are the future. But is this really true, and what does hybrid working look like in practice?