Marketing Operations

Maximise marketing efficiency and unlock the value of marketing ops

How to Identify Good Analytics?

Measuring business performance is about the correct interpretation of data rather than absolute numbers. After all, no dataset is 100% perfect.

Measurement through Unification

Marketing Operations is about more than just day-to-day process management. Marketing ops can play an important role in setting marketing strategy.

Why Reporting is Storytelling?

Measuring marketing performance is about more than just numbers on dashboards. Its about providing context, clarity and integrity.

2023 Marketing Predictions

2023 promises to be an uncertain year for B2B marketing. A difficult economy and strong regulatory headwinds requires a more complex marketing mix.

Moving Nurture Beyond Email

There is more to nurture than email. Increase engagement by building a cross-channel marketing engine that runs on the schedule of your audience.

Beyond Measurement: The Value of Business Intelligence

Is your business struggling to report on marketing performance? Using the right analytics solution is key to getting accurate campaign results.

The Data Story: Reporting for B2B Marketers

There is more to marketing reporting than viewing dashboards. Asking the right questions is just as important as showing the right numbers.

Planning the Personalised Journey

B2B marketing has changed. The business is demanding more from marketing, just as buyers have become harder to reach. A more coordinated approach is needed.

Live Chat Enters the B2B Marketing Conversation

Live chat has become an essential part of the B2B marketing mix. It's become more than just a tool for lead capture and customer service.

Events: The Hybrid Future

Marketing has become a digital-first discipline. Events are no exception. Hybrid events are causing marketers to reimagine what an event can be.