Marketing Operations

Maximise your marketing efficiency and optimise your tech stack

Out of the Bottle: Salesforce Genie

Dreamforce introduces a major upgrade to Salesforce Customer 360. What is Genie, and how important is it to the future of Salesforce?

Beyond Measurement: The Value of Business Intelligence

Is your business struggling to report on marketing performance? Using the right analytics solution is key to getting accurate campaign results.

The Data Story: Reporting for B2B Marketers

There is more to marketing reporting than viewing dashboards. Asking the right questions is just as important as showing the right numbers.

CDP Takes Centre Stage at Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit unveils new integration and measurement capabilities that enable better personalisation and a more data-driven approach to B2B marketing.

How to Select the Right Marketing Technologies

Choosing the right marketing technology is a complex task. Follow this 5 step process to make sure you arrive at the right decision every time.

5 Essential Data Management Capabilities

Data management doesn't have to be complicated. Start improving the quality of your database with these 5 basic data improvement programs.

What Are The Right B2B Data Sources?

Building a marketing database is hard. Choosing the best third party data sources for your database is even harder. The right vendor depends on your audience.

Losing the Lead

In 2005, Sirius Decisions invented the MQL. In 2021, Forrester are trying to kill it. Can marketing ever truly replace the humble lead record?

The Role of CDPs in B2B Marketing

There are many ways for B2B marketers to build a single customer view. Customer Data Platforms have clear advantages but also have their limitations.

Google and the Cookie Crunch

Cookies have driven web tracking for decades. Now Google are replacing them with a privacy sandbox, but is there a downside for consumers and marketers?