Marketing Technology

Discover how effective use of technology can boost marketing performance

Continuous Evolution: Closing the Capability Gap

Digital marketing is changing rapidly. New tactics and new technology are needed to stay ahead. Most important of all though, is learning new skills.

The Content Personalisation Snap

The acquisition of the SnapApp interactive content platform by Uberflip proves the changing nature of personalisation in content marketing.

Drifting into Conversation: Chatbots

The next big thing is supposed to be Conversational Marketing. Don't ignore the hype. Chatbots really will transform B2B marketing.

The MarTech Merger Wave Continues

CMS vendors and predictive data firms are the most recent targets, as the MarTech merger trend continues. It's all about the platform game.

Unlocking the Enterprise Data Landscape

Data is complicated, and big data has made it more so. A vast array of databases exists to cut through the noise. Make sure to use the right one for the job.

Unified Interfaces for Sky and Lightning

Evolving technology requires evolving user interfaces, but Microsoft, Salesforce and Marketo are underestimating the challenges this causes for their users.

Salesforce Discovers Analytics with Tableau

Salesforce's unexpected purchase of Tableau highlights the central role of Business Intelligence and Analytics in the data-driven enterprise.

Changing Ad Market hits Google Earnings

A surprise slowdown in advertising revenue reduces Google's earnings growth and exposes flaws in the business model of the digital advertising giant.

Is Buying MarTech Too Easy?

Building a technology stack is far harder than it should be, but for many buyers, it's probably not hard enough.

Adobe and Marketo: The Right Engagement

Adobe's $4.75bn purchase of Marketo is unexpected but shouldn’t come as a surprise. The strategic logic for the deal is compelling to both companies.