What is a Content Activation Engine?

What is a Content Activation Engine?

LookbookHQ are no more. MarTech welcomes the birth of PathFactory. What actually has changed though?

OK. I'm confused by LookbookHQ's announcement from Sirius Decision Summit.

LookbookHQ have rebranded themselves as PathFactory. That's not what I'm confused about. The news is a surprise, but it makes sense. The SEO on their old brand was horrible, and got in the way of explaining what they do. The new name is a much better description.

My confusion is that they've announced a revolutionary new Content Insight & Activation Engine, when in fact all they've done is changed their name. I can't see anything that's changed about the product in the announcement. PathFactory have had AI and non-linear journey capabilities in their enterprise versions for a while.

The issue with PathFactory has always been that the elevator pitch sounds like something a good developer can put together in a day. What distinguishes them from the homebrew solution is their analytics. They have the analytics capabilities of a best of breed content marketing platform baked into their product. There's a lot more depth to the LookbookHQ product than many people realise; the sheer number of options available surprised me when I first started building journeys with it.

P.S. Word from the show floor at Sirius Decisions is that the summit is less about promoting new frameworks, and more customer experience. This is positive. Sirius Decisions have frameworks for pretty much everything already. As the number of available frameworks have grown there is an increasing divide between their new research and the practical realities on the ground. Hopefully, the change of focus will bridge the gap.

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