Random asides and other odd thoughts

Brexit: The End of the Beginning

After months of paralysis, both major party leaders were forced into major u-turns last week. With time running out, the deadlock will soon be broken.

Breaking Away: The Independent Group

Amidst accusations of antisemitism, the long-awaited Labour Party split has finally happened. It will be years before its true impact becomes clear.

Now for the Hard Part: Two Months On

The UK Parliament finally rejected the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. The consequences have been relatively minor so far, but expect that to change next week.

Now for the Hard Part: One Month On

After a hellish week for Theresa May, the focus is now on Jeremy Corbyn and his attempts to find a Brexit position supported by both his voters and his party.

Now for the Hard Part: Two Weeks On

It has been a significant day in the Brexit saga with some important developments. For the first time, it is possible for the exit deal to pass the UK parliament.

Now for the Hard Part: One Week On

The Brexit deal is in deep trouble, yet Theresa May remains in post. Her reaction to parliamentary defeat will prove to be crucial in determining what happens next.

Now for the Hard Part

As predicted the Brexit agreement has met widespread opposition and a Conservative leadership challenge. The biggest twist in the Brexit saga is yet to come.

The Beginning of the End

Political authority is a strange thing. After a decade at the top, Angela Merkel is experiencing life without the influence she once took for granted.

Climate and Consumer Habits

Solving global warming will require changes to consumer behaviour. That's easier said than done.

What Price for Self-Determination?

The Swiss Self Determination Initiative is a symptom of a crisis of democratic legitimacy. A different answer is required, if the problem is to be solved.