Random asides and other odd thoughts

Now for the Blue Wall

The Liberal Democrat victory in the Chesham and Amersham by-election was a major surprise. It shouldn't have been, it's been a long time coming.

Winning Narratives: Local Elections 2021

The Conservatives trounced Labour in the recent local elections, or did they? A close examination of the results reveals a more complex picture.

After the Emergency: Economic Trends

The coronavirus will have long term implications for the global economy, bringing new ideas and political trends into the mainstream.

Boris Johnson breaks the Red Wall

The triumphant Prime Minister has an opportunity to reshape British politics, but first he must deliver a Brexit that works for first-time Conservative voters.

Brexit: A New Deal

The Withdrawal Agreement is dead, long live the Withdrawal Agreement. A new deal has been signed much to everyone's surprise. This time will be different.

Brexit: Boris vs the Rebel Alliance

After an extraordinary fortnight in British political history, a minority government finds it stuck in office but not in power. Not for much longer.

The Boris Bounce: Missing or Delayed?

Everyone thinks that a 2019 General Election is inevitable. Problem is that Britain's new prime minister just lost a safe seat in a by-election. What now?

Brexit: The Uncancelled Election

After months of deadlock, The Brexit Party victory in the European Elections changed nothing. The Conservative Leadership contest will change everything.

Brexit: Breaking Point

After months of deadlock, politicians are finally trying to find a consensus on Brexit. If they fail, the British People will try to find new politicians.

Brexit: Deadline Day

After four months of paralysis and mounting public anger, the time has finally come for Westminster to make a decision.