Random asides and other odd thoughts

Video Allowed Errors

VAR is still as controversial among football fans as ever. New technology, new attitudes and a new approach are needed to restore confidence.

New Season, Same Story?

The new Premier Season has kicked off. The final result looks predictable, but there is still a lot of uncertainty around a lot of the top clubs.

Football Management: The Human Factor

Steve Bruce was right to call out the abuse suffered by Premier League football managers. It's a blight on the game, that harms the teams they manage.

Teenage Aces: Tennis' New Generation

With ageing superstars close to retirement, Tennis is a sport in transition. Does the unexpected success of Emma Radacanu herald a new generation of superstars?

New Season, New Top 4

The new Premier League season has kicked-off, amid serious questions about the competitiveness of the league. Can anyone catch the top 4?

Back to the Future: Euro 2020

Euro 2020 was a triumph for English football despite a disappointing finale. It promises a bright future. The consequences may not be so glorious.

Perpetual Crisis: Football Management

The football season is still in its early stages, but already managers at top clubs are under pressure. Patience is a virtue.

Golden Girls: The Rise of Women's Football

After booming television audiences and an incredibly successful World Cup, the gender barrier at to the top of the world's most popular sport is breaking down.

The End of the European Super League?

UEFA's proposed Champions League reforms are doomed to fail amid widespread opposition. Not even the threat of a European Super League will save them.

The Elite within the Footballing Elite

Spurs may be the world's 10th richest football club, but the hype linking Mauricio Pochettino to Old Trafford shows their rivals are in a different league.