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Video Allowed Errors

VAR is still as controversial among football fans as ever. New technology, new attitudes and a new approach are needed to restore confidence.

New Season, Same Story?

The new Premier Season has kicked off. The final result looks predictable, but there is still a lot of uncertainty around a lot of the top clubs.

Football Management: The Human Factor

Steve Bruce was right to call out the abuse suffered by Premier League football managers. It's a blight on the game, that harms the teams they manage.

Teenage Aces: Tennis' New Generation

With ageing superstars close to retirement, Tennis is a sport in transition. Does the unexpected success of Emma Radacanu herald a new generation of superstars?

New Season, New Top 4

The new Premier League season has kicked-off, amid serious questions about the competitiveness of the league. Can anyone catch the top 4?

Back to the Future: Euro 2020

Euro 2020 was a triumph for English football despite a disappointing finale. It promises a bright future. The consequences may not be so glorious.

Now for the Blue Wall

The Liberal Democrat victory in the Chesham and Amersham by-election was a major surprise. It shouldn't have been, it's been a long time coming.

Winning Narratives: Local Elections 2021

The Conservatives trounced Labour in the recent local elections, or did they? A close examination of the results reveals a more complex picture.

After the Emergency: Economic Trends

The coronavirus will have long term implications for the global economy, bringing new ideas and political trends into the mainstream.

Boris Johnson breaks the Red Wall

The triumphant Prime Minister has an opportunity to reshape British politics, but first he must deliver a Brexit that works for first-time Conservative voters.